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Group Teen Top’s ‘No more perfume’s’ noona version and now a girlfriend’s replied version was revealed online and are on fire.

With the title, ‘Saying no more perfume, I am above the yunhanam called yunsangnyuh (an older lady to a younger man)’ comes a cute warning message to a yunhanam (a younger man) and the girlfriends’ countering reply are catching our attention.

The girlfriend’s reply is ‘Noona’s body is really really sexy : I will also start jump roping at a fitness starting today’,’When I’m with you noona, I feel like I’ve turned into a man : If you say you’re my boyfriend, I say that i’m poor’ which shows wittiness and the lyrics are grabbing attention in our eyes.

The netizens that saw this said « Noona’s reply and now a countering reply from a girlfriend with sense, so fun », » It would be nice if a female singer sang the yunsangnyuh’s (younger lady) and girlfriend’s replies », »Even though she know everything, the girlfriend closes her eyes, I agree with that feeling » and are showing these reactions.

On the other hand, Teen Top is in the midst of promoting happily with ‘No more perfume.’


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Super Junior will make their long awaited comeback on today’s Music Core.

SJ’s fans prepared some special foods for the boys.

Have a look at the unique « Mr Simple » food prepared by ELFs


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[TEEN TOP – No More Perfume On You]

[HOMME – Man Should Laugh]

[MBLAQ – Mona Lisa]

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Although busy preparing for their Japan promotion by releasing their Japanese version of Juliette, SHINee shows their all out support to their senior Super Junior, who recently made their comeback with Mr. Simple in music shows..

In their Me2Day update, all 5 members of SHINee are seen wearing Super Junior’s Mr. Simple t-shirts and doing SJ signature sign.

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