JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was bitten by an insect during his recent visit to Vietnam and because he didn’t receive early treatment, it left a scar on his right arm.

Because of this incident, it was announced that Kim Jaejoong had to be treated for a bacterial infection.

Last June, Kim Jaejoong was invited to a charity event for a soccer match, ‘Asian Dream Cup‘, held in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. During this event, it was found that he was bit by an insect on his right arm. Jaejoong initially disregarded the bite and didn’t receive any treatment. Because of this oversight, the bite eventually spread to an infection. Jaejoong’s agency admitted, “He received the bite while waiting for the Vietnam performance. He was sweating a lot during the incident and the scar eventually got deeper because he kept vigorously scratching it“.

Jaejoong sought for help at a hospital when he returned to Korea. However, the infection was so severe that it spread extensively all over his right arm. An official stated, “When you have an inflammation, you have to stay away from alcohol but there was a dinner social gathering after the concert. It worsened the condition because we weren’t aware of how serious the infection was at the time“.

As of now, JaeJoong finished his treatment but a scar from the bite still remains. An associate of Jaejoong said, “There is a big scar in two places. And a small remnant of the infection still remains. The treatment for the scar isn’t finished and he will receive further treatment“.

Currently, Kim Jaejoong is participating in the filming for SBS’s new miniseries, “Defend the Boss” (Screenplay by Kwon Ki Young, directed by Son Jung Hyun) as he is playing one of the leading roles.


Source & Photo: Naver

Via Allkpop


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