We’ve got posters and character promo stills out for SBS’s « Protect the Boss, » and I have to say that this drama is slowly growing on me with what appears to be an offbeat, wacky vibe. It just may be quirky enough to work.

In contrast to the typical chaebol hero and the boss-secretary setup (Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee, respectively), this looks like no typical K-Drama setup, and no typical chaebol. Instead of being the coolly perfect businessman we’ve become so familiar with in dramas, this hero’s kooky and eccentric, while she literally kicks ass. The plot unfolds as she undertakes Project Tame The Errant Boss, and romance ensues.

The poster above takes on the bodyguard concept, which is made funnier by the implication that Choi Kang Hee is shielding her boss from work. Given that Ji Sung’s character is an inept boss, no doubt he considers that protection. Heh.

Acting as spoilers are Jaejoong as Ji Sung’s rival cousin and diametric opposite — he’s sharp, smart, and competent — and Wang Ji Hye as a lawyer and secondary love interest.

The drama premieres on August 3, following « City Hunter. »

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Via TV Report
Dramabeans article


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