1. Mr. Simple
Groovy electronic beat combined with various voices, this song was solely created for Super Junior in the SJ FUNKY style. Sorry Sorry, BONAMANA are also related to SJ FUNKY.

A dance song of intense rhythm’s layback groove with outstanding reverse beats with a meaningful lyric.

3.라라라라(Be My Girl)
A witty representation of love with an expressive lyric and impressive melody, HITCHHKER unique electronic sound is combined with some strong impressive dance numbers.

The lyric represents Super Junior‘s hard step-by-step effort to reach to the top. A dance pop song with trendy beat and charming melody.

The more you listen to this song’s beautiful melody, the more you will keep thinking about it. Love and farewell are symbolized as ‘storm’ in the lyrical lyric. An outstanding pop ballad song sung by Kyuhyun Yesung Ryeowook Sungmin Donghae with their deep sentimental vocals.

6.어느새 우리 (Good Friends)
After vol.2’s Disco Drive, this is Super Junior and composer Yoon Jongsin’s second collaboration. The song is about Super Junior’s 6 years after debut with their everlasting friendship within members. The lyric is about their first meeting, their friendship with rich acoustic performance and sensitive melody.

7.결투(Feels Good)
Shuffle rhythms and electronic sounds make it an impressive dance song. Musical elements and great string melodies give the song a unique atmosphere.

8.기억을 따라(Memories)
With Popular melody lines and the loving atmosphere of the lyrics, the song’s lyrical feeling is well expressed by the vocals, the harmony is that of a medium-tempo ballad which reminds of Yesung‘s solo song It has To Be You which received lots of love from music fans.
–>(the Korean text is just lmao, it suddenly jumped to Yesung’s It has to be you. I tried my best to translate what it meant =_=)

4jib’s My Only Girl’s composer Brandon Fraley composed this song with trendy hiphop beat, medium tempo pop style. The song is about a man falling in love, the sunflower symbolizes his fluttering heart, Super Junior’s charming voice makes it a memorable song.

10.엉뚱한상상 <– It is the song <Odd Imagination> I tweeted a few days ago. It is a remake song. Check original ver here:



Super Junior remade 1996’s JINU’s <Odd Imagination> into their song for this 5th album. It is a bright, pleasant atmosphere-song with an odd lyric.

11.Y 작사 동해 Chance 작곡 동해 Chance
A Medium-tempo R&B ballad song, a collaboration between Donghae & Chance.

http://12.My Love My Kiss My Heart
Super Junior’s ballad unit SJ KRY put their attempt into a fresh style for this song. From the awesome addition of timpani drums to the strong sensual synth sound, all make this song a unique R&B ballad track.

13.[Bounce Track] 태완미 <– Perfection.


Korean source: Marenubium & DC
Trans & Summarized by @YesungCenter


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