Teen Top’s song “No More Perfume on You” is now followed by an old girlfriend’s version.

“No More Perfume on You” is about a boy who cheats on his girlfriend to date a girl older than him, where he asks his older girl not to put on perfume.

The lyrics of “No More Perfume on You” have been now altered to make a version for the real girlfriend. The lyrics of the original song like, “Even though you are older than me, if you like me,” was altered to, “Even though other guys asked me out, I chose you,” and “I feel like a man when I am with you,” was changed into, “They say that I am too good to be yours.”

Also, other smart changes of lyrics such as, “Don’t be deceived, boy, it’s all makeup,” “If all that makeup is erased, she’ll be an old lady,” made people laugh.

Netizens who saw it left comments like: “The old girlfriend’s version of the song is so funny,” “I wish a girl sang the old girlfriend’s version,” “I feel sympathetic for the old girlfriend who knows it all and still forgives her boyfriend.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is currently active after the release of their first mini-album.


Source: TVdaily from Nate

Translated by pretzyc2h@KOREA.COM


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